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Ashes to Ashes

This is a picture of an urn.When a loved one dies in Florida, the sad event is just as likely to be followed by cremation as burial, but what happens next?

The ashes might be retained by the family, usually in an urn, or strewn somewhere significant to the deceased.  Some are scattered at sea or in a church's serenity garden, or placed in a columbarium.  They may be tumbled from an airplane, or even rocketed into space.  Some ashes are even fashioned into memorial jewelry or stones.

What you choose to do with the ashes is a last memorial.  But often only you and a few close family members know what was done and, just as important, why.

The FLGenWeb Project believes that your descendents will want to know.  Just as today's family historians search for obituaries and cemeteries, tomorrow's researchers will have the FLGenWeb Cremains Project.

If a member of your family has been cremated, we invite you to complete the Cremains Project form to add your memorial to this slice of Florida history.

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